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Agustin Cruz Quiamco Sr.
Born on August 10,1960-May 28,1996
A hardworking man. Give himself a pure good mixer. Extrovert. He was a good man with a good deeds. H e follow up any circumstances with a great code of conduct. He is twin with Agustina Cruz Quiamco y Macapas, a son and daughter of Tomas Quiamco and Rosario Cruz. Marriaged to Teresita Gomia Tiwana in June 13, 1988 at Saint Anthony Parish UP-Sta. Clara, Lamitan, Basilan Province. He died in Cardiac Respiratory Tract Infection.

Teresita Gomia Tiwana y Quiamco
Born on March 2, 1969
A modest woman extremly give responsibilities herself. She is a good mother of will. Hardworking mother with fearless insights. Truculent. A daughter of Alejandro Tanedo Tiwana and Lourdes Agtuto Gomia. She have 5 children,namely: Agnes,Alex, Angelie, Angelo, Agustin Jr. She perhaps do anything to be high on the top.

Agnes Tiwana Quiamco
Born on April 7, 1987 at Sta. Clara,Lamitan,Basilan. A girl of unyielding fantasies. She is potent of all manners. She decide what she have to do. Open-mindedness in all circumstances. Chivalrous. Quixotic. She have 5 children's, namely: Jossie, Anheza, Lorita, Kriesh and Caighley. She is graduated in Tigbauan Central Elem. Sch. and Botong-Cabanbanan National High Sch.

Angelie Tiwana Quiamco
Born on August 27, 1990 at
Sta. Clara,Lamitan,Basilan. She is ambivert. Effervescent. A girl who usually more interested in the outside world and in the other fellow than in herself. She deeply in love with fashion. She is graduated in Tigbauan Central Elem. Sch. and in Labangal National High Sch.,General Santos City.

Angelo Tiwana Quiamco
Born on August 21, 1993 at Tigbauan, Iloilo Inhibited. Effervescent. Ambivert. He rarely decide to uninteresting ideas. He loves to read and write. He is pious. He desires to be a good Samaritan. He is elocutionist and polyglot. He graduated in Tigbauan Central Elem. School and in 
Alternative Learning System (ALS) Secondary level.

Agustin Tiwana Quiamco Jr.
Born on November 12, 1995 at Tigbauan, Iloilo. Introvert. He's  genuinely ambivert. He selfishly point himself on good reasonable doubt. He loves to draw. He desire to be an architect. He graduated both in Elementary and Secondary in Alternative Learning System (ALS).


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